Monday, July 4, 2011

Minecraft Mods

So, holy crap, just realized I haven't been here in a sick first week of term, then got addicted to Minecraft again....mods in particular.

The Minecraft Mods I feel like talking about right now are called IndustrialCraft, BuildCraft and PlasticCraft. All three work very well together.

Buildcraft adds a bunch of really useful automation type things, such as pipes that transport resources from a chest or whatever else you can store resources in, such as a furnace. There is a really nice automatic mining system called a Quarry, EXTREMELY expensive to make, because it is so amazing. You set it up, and it mines EVERYTHING in the defined area, all the way down to bedrock and if you set a pipe system up, you can have it auto sort your items to chests, furnaces etc.

IndustrialCraft adds a bunch of really cool things, such as the Macerator, which grinds ore into 2 dust, which you can smelt into a bar each, thus doubling your resources. The main focus of this mod though, is Energy, almost all the devices from this mod use energy, generated by a wide variety of systems. The Jetpack is really nice for single player. The ultimate goal of energy is to get enough to run a Matter Generator. These bad boys create matter that can be used to make just about anything you can think of, the patterns are secret though....sadly...

PlasticCraft adds, you guessed it, plastic. Almost every type of plastic is explosion resistant, some is completely explosion proof, which is really nice for use in IndustrialCraft since the nuclear generators can randomly blow up on you...thus nuking your map:P My main reason to get PlasticCraft was for the fall damage nullifying boots, sucks running out of jetpack fuel 200 units above the ground without them.....There are also trampolines, that have a very interesting mechanic, the more trampoline blocks placed next to each other, the higher you go.

So, that was my quick and dirty rundown of three amazing mods, there is obviously MUCH more to each mod, but if you are interested, you can figure out the rest, there are just too many features to list them all...

Sadly, none of these mods have been updated for 1.7 yet, so if you want to use them, you will have to stick with 1.6.6 for a while until the post patch dust settles. I will provide links to each of the three mods for interested parties.