Saturday, June 18, 2011

Garrys Mod

So, I decided to talk about a game that I have loved ever since I initially heard about it. For those of you who do not know of this game, I shall attempt to explain. Beware, this game is hard to explain.....

Garrys Mod, known affectionately as GMod, is a sandbox game/mod based on the Source engine. It is one of the few TRUE sandbox games, if you can imagine it, you CAN build it/program it. One of the greatest things about GMod is the fact that, if something is not available right now, wait a month and someone or some team will have made the tools/models necessary to make it work. In fact, one of the most used addons was FINALLY made part of the game itself, the other addon that is practically a requirement will never be made part of the game because the devs are so much better coders than the team of Team Garry. The addon made into pure content is called Phoenix, you do not get more basic than PHX, it is just a model pack, but of simple, flat models, such as 1x1 plates. The most useful mod, the mod that is required by almost 100% of the servers is called Wire Mod. It adds so much to the game, the most simple way of explaining it is, it adds an entire set of electrical engineering tools as well as multiple coding languages/compilers. It allows you to control any vehicle or machine you could build, in many, many ways. If you are a math genius, you can make all kinds of holographic devices, some even intractable now.

The gist of this is, if you want a true sandbox game that has almost no limits, check GMod out. Granted, getting started using the extremely useful and awesome tools takes a fairly long time, especially if you have never heard of/used SVN. But in my opinion, the end result is well worth it. If you lose hours/days to Minecraft, you will lose weeks, possibly even months to GMod if you so desire. ESPECIALLY if you get into Spacebuild, which is a game mode that, you guessed it, lets you build spaceships and fly around planets and shoot others out of the sky.


  1. I like sanbox games, I'll check out Gmod :).

  2. Thanks for the info. Might check it later :D

  3. My pal has made some cool videos on Garry's Mod.