Monday, July 4, 2011

Minecraft Mods

So, holy crap, just realized I haven't been here in a sick first week of term, then got addicted to Minecraft again....mods in particular.

The Minecraft Mods I feel like talking about right now are called IndustrialCraft, BuildCraft and PlasticCraft. All three work very well together.

Buildcraft adds a bunch of really useful automation type things, such as pipes that transport resources from a chest or whatever else you can store resources in, such as a furnace. There is a really nice automatic mining system called a Quarry, EXTREMELY expensive to make, because it is so amazing. You set it up, and it mines EVERYTHING in the defined area, all the way down to bedrock and if you set a pipe system up, you can have it auto sort your items to chests, furnaces etc.

IndustrialCraft adds a bunch of really cool things, such as the Macerator, which grinds ore into 2 dust, which you can smelt into a bar each, thus doubling your resources. The main focus of this mod though, is Energy, almost all the devices from this mod use energy, generated by a wide variety of systems. The Jetpack is really nice for single player. The ultimate goal of energy is to get enough to run a Matter Generator. These bad boys create matter that can be used to make just about anything you can think of, the patterns are secret though....sadly...

PlasticCraft adds, you guessed it, plastic. Almost every type of plastic is explosion resistant, some is completely explosion proof, which is really nice for use in IndustrialCraft since the nuclear generators can randomly blow up on you...thus nuking your map:P My main reason to get PlasticCraft was for the fall damage nullifying boots, sucks running out of jetpack fuel 200 units above the ground without them.....There are also trampolines, that have a very interesting mechanic, the more trampoline blocks placed next to each other, the higher you go.

So, that was my quick and dirty rundown of three amazing mods, there is obviously MUCH more to each mod, but if you are interested, you can figure out the rest, there are just too many features to list them all...

Sadly, none of these mods have been updated for 1.7 yet, so if you want to use them, you will have to stick with 1.6.6 for a while until the post patch dust settles. I will provide links to each of the three mods for interested parties.


Saturday, June 18, 2011

Garrys Mod

So, I decided to talk about a game that I have loved ever since I initially heard about it. For those of you who do not know of this game, I shall attempt to explain. Beware, this game is hard to explain.....

Garrys Mod, known affectionately as GMod, is a sandbox game/mod based on the Source engine. It is one of the few TRUE sandbox games, if you can imagine it, you CAN build it/program it. One of the greatest things about GMod is the fact that, if something is not available right now, wait a month and someone or some team will have made the tools/models necessary to make it work. In fact, one of the most used addons was FINALLY made part of the game itself, the other addon that is practically a requirement will never be made part of the game because the devs are so much better coders than the team of Team Garry. The addon made into pure content is called Phoenix, you do not get more basic than PHX, it is just a model pack, but of simple, flat models, such as 1x1 plates. The most useful mod, the mod that is required by almost 100% of the servers is called Wire Mod. It adds so much to the game, the most simple way of explaining it is, it adds an entire set of electrical engineering tools as well as multiple coding languages/compilers. It allows you to control any vehicle or machine you could build, in many, many ways. If you are a math genius, you can make all kinds of holographic devices, some even intractable now.

The gist of this is, if you want a true sandbox game that has almost no limits, check GMod out. Granted, getting started using the extremely useful and awesome tools takes a fairly long time, especially if you have never heard of/used SVN. But in my opinion, the end result is well worth it. If you lose hours/days to Minecraft, you will lose weeks, possibly even months to GMod if you so desire. ESPECIALLY if you get into Spacebuild, which is a game mode that, you guessed it, lets you build spaceships and fly around planets and shoot others out of the sky.

Monday, June 13, 2011

At a loss

So, I cannot decide what to post about next, any suggestions? Any questions related to enterprise networks? Any game you want to recommend I play/give my thoughts on?

I mostly cannot think of anything because I am enjoying my summer sleeping a ton:D Term starts in a week, will be an easy term though thankfully, so hopefully more posts. Probably a bit of "off-topic" posts, but it's my blog, so I declare what is on topic by the day:P

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Duke Nukem Forever

So, when I bought Borderlands I got the key to play DNF early, I was excited, couldn't wait till I could jump in....when I did, I was disgusted. The demo at least had huge problems, a. it's 2 GIGS! Which is half the size of the entire game...b. It's like, 30 minutes of gameplay....shitty gameplay at that. Ok sure, it's pretty...ish....compared to the other current shooters, it's mediocre graphically.

So, that was my rant on this game that so many people have been waiting for, for so damned long. How do you guys feel about the demo/game?

Sunday, June 5, 2011

League of Legends

So, League of Legends, I assume most of you know what it is, if not, well, you soon will.

How do you guys like the game/what champions do you like to play? I personally play Cho'Gath and love him. I'll include a link to buy the champion pack thing if anyone is interested. It is a free game for those who do not know, but you can buy champions with "Riot Points" if you are so inclined.

Friday, June 3, 2011


So, a little off topic here, but I can't contain myself about this subject.

What kind of tea do you guys like? I love coffee, but tea is my favorite. I will drink just about any tea, but I do have a few I prefer, such as Darjeeling, Assam, Earl Grey, Peppermint and Black Cherry Berry. This is not an extensive list by any means. Included are links to Amazon to 2 of my favorites. Helluva lot cheaper than buying them in the store for at least twice as much....5 bucks for a box of tea....*grumble grumble grumble*

So, what do you guys like to drink? Yes, alcohol I'm sure, but that is a different post in it's entirety:P Tea? Coffee? Something I am not aware of?

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


So, I have recently been playing a game I am sure most if not all of you have heard about, Terraria. It is somewhat like Minecraft, yet not. Yes, you do dig around and build buildings, but it is so much more than that. There is a ton of combat, interesting item combinations and it has that Legend of Zelda feel.

I thoroughly enjoy the game, it is great to play with a decent sized group of friends.

So readers, what are your thoughts on this game?

Declaration of Intent

Hello there whoever is reading this, I bid you welcome to my humble blog. I was talked into starting a blog by my friend Mr. Maple. Convincing he was, check him out, you should. *shameless reference is shameless*

Anyway, this blog will be about two things I enjoy, gaming and my future career of being a Network Administrator.

I can't promise daily updates, I can try, but I am currently going to school to achieve the latter goal.

Comments are appreciated.